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Your eggo is prego. No doubt about it.

Now introducing...

My lovey.
He has his left fist raised, yo.
(This pic was taken about 6 weeks ago... so you can imagine how much bigger he is now.)

It's my 24th week of pregnancy (as of today!). That puts me at 16 weeks 'til our little bundle of crazy gets here. I'm feeling great so far, as it's my 2nd/easiest trimester...

...wait, that's a lie. Pregnancy hurts, man. Whomever said "Pregnancy is beautiful" left out "...and it's freaking painful." Either an omission or just plain ignorance. My body is not fond of the extra weight, resulting in chronic upper/mid back pain. (And, I already had back problems from falling on my spine in cheerleading in high school...) I have a heating pad on while I type this at my work desk.

Not to mention I get full really, really easily. The best way I can explain it is imagine you just downed a six-pack of beer and then wrapped your stomach tightly with 5 or 6 belts. Feels manageable at first, right? But give it a couple minutes, and you'll start to feel extremely uncomfortable. Unable to sit, or even breathe, as the food settles... and since you can't sit normally, your back starts hurting (even more). The only remedy is a little time.

Don't get me wrong... in spite of all the uncomfortable moments throughout the day, it's really an amazing nine months -- er, 40 weeks. I forget about all the pain, all the times that I forget I can't shop at Forever 21 for a while... when I feel my lil' one move. When he kicks at daddy's hands or when he gets excited at the music we play for him. He's already an amazing gift and is well worth the swollen ankles and sore back. I can't wait to hold him!

Anyway, here's the link to the rest of the ultrasound pics. I'm sure they'll make their way to Facebook soon enough:

First Trimester:
Second Trimester:


If you don't know me by now...

Yeah, I did the Random 25.

1. I was born in New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. Yeah, I know that place is a hole -- people who live there tell me. I moved here when I was 2.

2. I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under five minutes! (But it doesn't mean I'm smart. I just had to Google how to spell Rubik's. Fail.)

3. I've been at my job for more than four years now. I usually don't tell people where I work, because it takes too long to explain. So, I'll say I "work in Mountain View". Otherwise, it's a lot of "Yes, I work for NASA. No, I'm not an astronaut or a scientist. Yes, I believe we landed on the moon".

4. I sincerely believe that I'm addicted to TV. Some bad TV, too. I have secretly watched an "I Love New York" marathon, and I'm also secretly looking forward to the Making the Band premier this Thursday. Sorry.

5. My pet peeve is when people can't differentiate between there/their/they're or your/you're or compliment/complement. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

6. I once threw a game of Halo because too many people were pressuring me to win and it just wasn't fun anymore. Shh, don't tell nobody. I enjoy friendly games much more. Especially with Brian, Charles, Brandon (Championship buddy!) and Josh.

7. I do graphic and web design at work and sometimes at home, but I'm often really insecure about my work... Except for the Fantastic Four poster I made for our housemates. That one, I was proud of. =)

8. I'm a, a diva. I'm a, I'm a, a diva. (Sorry, I'm listening to that right now.)

9. I want to move to Chicago one day with my fam. I don't know how I'll handle the weather, though.

10. I absolutely love the eclectic group of people I live with... though I think I'd feel differently if I had to share a bathroom with them. Jk. <3.

11. I can play Scrabble all day.

12. LFS is where my heart is, though I haven't been around in a while due to school and work. I hope to get my groove back this semester.

13. My dad was in the movement in the Phils, but was in Hong Kong when Martial Law was declared. He was there touring with his band and decided not to go back home.

14. My mom wasn't in the Phils during Martial Law, either. She was stationed in Hong Kong as a flight attendant; that's where she happened to meet my dad. They knew each other for two weeks before they decided to get married.

15. My mom and dad are no longer together; and I think my life is much better now that they're apart. I still deal with the gross realities of their relationship and how it affected me when I was younger.

16. My mom's current partner is Turkish and he's really a wealth of knowledge. He's laughs yo, and closely resembles Santa Claus.

17. Blame my brother for my video game addiction and aptitude.

18. I believe my sister's kids are growing up entirely too fast.

19. I tried to do this 25 Random Note thing 3 times before. This is the farthest I've ever gotten!

20. I was a Bio major for about three years, then I decided to switch to International Business after having gotten a D in Calculus (screw integrals). The transition was rough, and I still have a longing to complete at least an associates in Bio. Science and technology, it's fun you'll see!

21. When I was little, I really, really wished I was a mermaid... which was kinda ironic, since I didn't know how to swim until last year.

22. I have pretty bad back problems from cheerleading in high school. I was dropped a couple times on hardwood floor, on my spine, and I didn't get it checked out until a couple years after I graduated.

23. I'm a stubborn Taurus and have to consciously consider whether I'm making a decision for me, or out of spite.

24. I'll never again admit that I'm stubborn. =P

25. I love, love, love the rumbly in my tumbly, the one responsible for it, and the friends and family that support me for it.

A Dream that I Could Speak to

Congratulations, first family. =)

Honest to Blog?

12 weeks since my last update? Boo-boo.

Reading Ryan's newly created blog inspired me to update my own. Word. I think I'll start with the obligatory New-Year's-themed entry.

Inventory check: A year ago today, I was in financial strain (aka. d-r-a-m-a), the end of my undergraduate career seemed miles out of reach, and my job wasn't keeping me content. At all.

Now, well... improving 2/3 ain't so bad. It's interesting what a difference a year can make.

This year will prove to bring about many changes as well. Bigger than one can imagine at this point, I guess.

Here's something I'll do this year that I've never done before: create a list of resolutions and actually write them down, so I'll have something to reconcile myself against at year's end:

1: Learn how to call the people I love just to say "Hi" or "I miss you, how are you?", and not just sit around and wait for them to call me, and then wonder why we haven't talked in so long.
2: Learn how to not create run-on sentences.
3: Get back into organizing, now that I don't have evening classes. Develop myself politically, reinstate organizational practices in my personal life. CSC. Combat lib.
4: Grow closer to my family, instead of further apart. Cousins, too. Fo' sho'. And lastly...
5: Learn to prioritize romantic, familial and friendly RELATIONSHIPS and then CAREER. Not the other way around.

Let's hope I'll be just stubborn enough to face obstacles directly and optimistically (with a practical twist, of course), but not so stubborn that I start keeping distance between myself and my loved ones, especially my partner-in-crime.

End scene.


Save the Last Dance

So... as you guys may or may not know, 360 has been kicked the fuck out. Charm and David are moving out on their own, and the remaining 4 of us are still trying to find a house. It will be a trying and arduous task. But before our house semi-disbands, we'd like to host one last freaking hoo-rah. So, save the date:

OCTOBER 25, 2008
The "It's finally time to say goodbye to 360" party.

*Note: this is NOT an LFS event. Flier to come soon. We hope to see everybody there! Come pay tribute to an era!

I'll miss my cheap ass rent. =*(

Ohhhh man, 3 weeks without a post.  I know I've had many "I should blog about this, yo" moments, but now I can't remember any of them.  Note to self: stop doing that.

Ok, so my last post was about wanting a dog, and:

Meet the new love of my life.  His name is Aiden.  Before you laugh at his name, I'll explain.  There's a show called John and Kate Plus 8.  It's about a couple with twins and sextuplets:

The one in the glasses (front row, far left) is my favorite, cuz well... he's wearing glasses.  He's predisposed to nerdiness and I think that is so freaking cute!  Anyway, the kid's name is Aiden.  Aiden also means "little fire" in Gaelic, which seems to be a suitable name for my puppy.

But you know what's really cool... I'M FREAKING ALLERGIC TO HIM.  F*CK! 

It was suggested to me by Sergio that I undergo accupuncture in order to lessen my allergic reactions, so I'll try that.  But if that doesn't work, he'll have to stay at my mom's a lot more until I've built up my immunities to him.  Enduring allergic reactions for extended periods of time is no bueno for my respiratory system.

What else, what else... the LFS Retreat was great!  Many props to this year's EC.  I think they're a truly talented and skilled group with an amazing year ahead of them.  It'll be exciting to see what great achievements are to come!

Oh, before I go, WHO WATCHED THE MFing VMAs?  I had a plethora of issues to share, but again, I can't remember them all.  Damn you, short term memory. 

Contrary to what mainstream media are depicting, my issues do not include Russell Brand.  (Hence the subject of this blog).  He was kinda lame, but definitely not horrible.

My issues:

Lil Wayne took the Hip Hop VMA for Lolipop (shit shoulda gone to Kanye or Lupe, in my opinion).  Britney didn't perform, and I'll admit, I was looking forward to her big "come back".  The girl has been through a LOT, and I was kinda pulling for her.   Jordin Sparx got all sorts of crazy in response to Brand's comments about virginity promise rings, but girl, not ALL people who have sex are sluts.  Oh, and FannyPak?  I mean, I knew they were going to win, with their success being more recent than Kaba's.  But it would've been cool for Kaba to represent.

But wait, what about Christina's performance?  The performance I've been waiting all year for.  Oh wait.. hold on... she's... LIP SYNCING.  Dammit.  She's NEVER done that in a major performance before.  And she's always bashed people who's had to lip sync... man, what a disappointment.  I didn't even like the track that much.  It seems very sell-out-ish, tailoring to the demand of Rihanna-style music by the post-adolescent demographic.

Will Kanye save the day?  Hmm..  he sang the whole time.  Singing is not his forte.  BUT, I do still love the man.

Lesson learned: don't ever watch the VMAs again.

Enough of my ranting.  I'll leave you with this:

(Thanks, Gene!)


Ruff! That's how your motha likes it!

I hope you didn't get offended by the subject of this post.  If you haven't noticed, all of my posts thus far have begun with quotes from my favorite pop-culture icons.  (Can you guess this one?)

I'd like to start by wishing a very happy birthday to Brandon and Carlo!  Hope all of your rev dreams come true.  Hahaha... Incidentally, the only other Brandon I know shares the same birthday.  Yaaaay Brandons.

But forreal though, what I really want to talk about is how much I want a G-damn puppy.  Much like this ones in this ad:


In my head, I can hear a collective "Awwwww!".  But, before I can indulge in this obsession (which I've fostered for a few weeks now), I have to convince my housemates to let me get one (*cough, cough BRIAN).  Hahaha, we'll see how it goes.  I guess to hold me over for now,  I can always play with the dogs at my mom's house.  Of course, that would mean subjecting myself to an earful of  "How come you don't visit me anymore?  You don't love me!  Blah, blah blah..."

I think I'd make a good puppy-mommy.  I've never had the chance to raise a dog from a really young age.  I got the dogs I have now when they were already a couple years old.  That's like, 37 in dog years, right?  lol.

If I don't get a puppy, I can always re-establish my saltwater fish tank.

Ok, this was like, the most boring post ever, but I just had to get it out of my system.


I'm proud of all my friends today!

This is in response to Charles's latest posting re: the Warriors.  I wish I knew how to link to his posting.  Such a LJ n00b.

Anyway, I read an article a couple days ago that best explains the Warriors' position in next season.  It was in the SF Chronicle (Yes, I read an actual paper newspaper, not the online kind.  Weeeird.)

The good doctor explains the Warriors
by Scott Ostler (a Q&A with Dr. Hoopz):

Q:   If each Warrior has an average season, how will the team do?
A:    Plan your draft-lottery party now.  What the Warriors need is a 5-to-10 percent improvement in the games of any five of these seven players: Biedrins (can he improve that much?  Probably,) Harrington (no), Monta Ellis (depends on how he responds to the pressure of being top banana), Turiaf (Probably not, because he always has pretty much maxed out his ability), Brandan Wright (oh yeah), Marco Belinelli (maybe, but he could prove way too streaky), and newly acquired point guard Marcus Williams (maybe, but Mullin sounded a warning Wednesday when he said, "Obviously [Williams] needs to get into better shape because of the way we play.")  Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette don't need to improve, merely to play up to their standards.
Q:   You paint a bleak picture.
A:   So did Van Gogh, and people consider him a cool dude.

I think it's pretty accurate... and hilarious.


D'oh! A Deer! A Female Deer!

My lovely friend Gene was kind enough to share this video with me:

Thanks, Gene. My reaction was as follows:

Awwww sh*t, that is SO sad!  =(

To which I received two responses:

Jay:       Six-legged deer? Why are you sad? He must be hella fast!  (Jay did not see the video, I just told him about it.)
Gene:    It wouldn't be so sad if the deer actually utilized all six legs in an efficient manner to make it the fastest fucking deer ever.
lol. Keep in mind these two don't know each other, nor did they know each other's responses. Am I just too sensitive? Maybe.

On another note, I randomly stumbled upon an online health forum and found this question:

Hi, I just had unproductive sex and now I'm scared I'm pregnant.  I'm still getting my periods, though.  Help?

Well, if it was so unproductive, why would you be scared of being pregnant?  Hahahhaa... unproductive sex is a problem all in its own.  This post was so wrong on so many levels.  Gotta love adolescence.


Welcome to the world, new onslaught of offspring!

It seems as though November, which was ~9 months ago, was prime baby-making season, because many of my friends and family have welcomed new additions to their families or are currently expecting.  Congratulations to all the new mommies (though my LJ friend-base is limited to males)!  Can't wait to meet all of your bundles of joy!

My uterus is suddenly very aware of its lack of a zygote.  lol.  But that phase of my life is LIGHT YEARS from now.  Don't get it twisted.

Anyway, you know who else has been welcoming new members to their family?  The Golden State Warriors.

We've shed ourselves of Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Mickael Pietrus, and Kelenna Azubuike (almost).  We've recruited Corey Maggette, Ronny Turiaf, Marcus Williams, and draft picks Richard Hendrix and Anthony Randolph.  WTF?  Needless to say, the Warriors will be a VERY different team.  Oh well, at least we still have Brandon Wright.  He'll save the day.

And we won't have to put up with Baron Davis's beard or his late-night Hollywood partying.

But can somebody explain why we still haven't signed Monta Ellis?